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Volume 1 contains a selection of papers from the 4th and 5th International Surfing Reef Symposiums held in Manhattan  
Beach, California and Lombok, Indonesia.

Volume 2  includes selected refereed full papers from the 6th and 7th  Multipurpose Reef and Surfing Science Symposia
held in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa and Bondi Beach, Australia in July  2009 and March 2010.

Papers have been peer reviewed by a panel of international experts.

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Volume 1: No. 1 2009
Editor: D.J Phillips     
Sub-Editors and Convenors: K. Black and J. Borrero

Prof. K. Black, (Ph.D.) NZ                J. Borrero, (Ph.D.) USA/NZ                    
Prof. P. Komar, (Ph.D.) USA           T. Martin, USA                                              
Prof. L. Harris, (Ph.D.) USA             D. Anderson, Sth Africa                                                           
T. Maddux, (Ph.D.) USA                    S.T Mead, (Ph.D.) NZ                              
J. Bryne, (Ph.D.) USA, AUS              Prof. R. Dalrymple, (Ph.D.) USA                
Chad Nelsen, USA                            B. Scarfe, (Ph.D.) NZ
Prof. A. Short, (Ph.D)AUS                 

Table of Contents

Cover, Introduction and Front Matter

L. Harris and J. Sample
The Evolution of Multi-Celled Sand-Filled Geosynthetic Systems for
Coastal Protection and Surfing Enhancement

M. Davidson, T. O’Hare and K. George
Tidal modulation of incident wave heights; fact or fiction?

S. Challinor and A. Weight
Environmental Sustainability of Constructing the Newquay
Artificial Surfing Reef

B. E. Scarfe, T. R. Healy, H. G. Rennie and S. T. Mead
Sustainable Management of Surfing Breaks - An Overview

L.G.M. de Aguiar, L.A.F. de Oliveira Filho, and E. Valentini
Proposed Artificial Surfing Reef for Macumba Beach, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

M. D Alessi
The Customs and Culture of Surfing, and an Opportunity for a New Territorialism?

N. Lavery, G. Foster, D. Carswell and S. Brown
Optimization of Surfboard Fin Design for Minimum Drag by Computational Fluid Dynamics
(Do glass-on fins induce less or more drag than boxed fins?)

T. Butt and P. Russell
Investigating the Accuracy of Surf Forecasts over Various Time Scales

D. Osiecki and W. Dally
A First Peek at ‘First Peak’

C. Shuman and G. Hodgson
Reefs = Barrels: The Quiksilver Crossing Reef Check Expedition

A. P. Jenkin
Managed Shoreline Retreat and Dam Removal: Ecosystem Restoration to Benefit Coastal Resources

G. Dafferner and A. H. da F. Klein
The Relationship Between Beach Morphodynamics and Surfability at Brava Beach, Southern Brazil.

D. Phillips, K. Black, T. Healy
Headland Issues Surrounding the Construction of Artificial Reefs by Detailed Examination of a Natural Headland

K. Black and S. Mead
Design of Surfing Reefs

C. Maglio and L. Harris
Shore Protection Design Utilizing Wave Rotation

T. Atkins and R. Mocke
Shoreline Response to an Offshore Wave Screen, Blairgowrie Safe Boat Harbour, Victoria, Australia

J. Hearin
Preliminary Design of an Artificial Surfing Reef for Cocoa Beach, Florida

L. Harris
Artificial Reefs for Ecosystem Restoration and Coastal Erosion Protection with Aquaculture and Recreational Amenities

M. Christie
An economic assessment of the amenity benefits associated with alternative coastal defence options

D. Phillips and S. Mead
Investigation of a Large Sandbar at Raglan, New Zealand: Project Overview and Preliminary Results

M. Skellern
Mount Reef Planning Feasibility Study

S. Mead
Multiple-Use Options for Coastal Structures: Unifying Amenity, Coastal Protection and Marine Ecology

Volume 2: 2012
Editors: J.C. Borrero and D.J. Phillips

Dr. J. Borrero, USA/NZ
Dr. B. Scarfe, NZ
Mr. C. Bosserelle, AUS
Dr. S.T Mead, NZ
Prof. P. Bicudo, Portugal
Ms. L. Wallendorf, USA
Mr. J. Oldman, NZ
Dr. A. Torruella, USA
A.Prof. D.J. Phillips, NZ
Ms. E. Rendle, U.K.
Prof. R. Dean, USA
Mr. P. Sharpe, Aus.
Prof. P. Lynett, USA
Dr. F. Feddersen, USA
Dr. J. Hearin, USA


Table of Contents

Introduction to Volume 2 of the Reef Journal
J.C. Borrero and D.J. Phillips

Natural Surf Breaks

Surfing reserves – Recognition for the world’s surfing breaks
Andrew Short and Brad Farmer

Sebastian Inlet, FL Ebb Shoal Surfing Break "Monster Hole": Geomorphic Investigation and Wave Modeling     
Florian Brehin and Gary Zarillo

Modeling the Surf Quality at Lower Trestles
Dylan McNamara and Falk Feddersen

A Delicate Balance: The Cabo Blanco and Panic Point (mis)Management Case, North Coast, Peru
Javier León


The Suitability Of Utilising a Flat Bottom Barge Development System for the Construction of a Multi-Purpose Reef in Kovalam, India. A
Preliminary Design Case Study
Brent Yardley, David Phillips and Shaw Mead

Physical and Numerical Modelling

Advanced Numerical Modelling of Artificial Surfing Reefs
Simon Brandi Mortensen and Martijn Henriquez

The Use of a Boussinesq-Type Wave Model to Determine the Surf Quality of Artificial Reefs
Arne van der Hout,cMart Borsboom, and Martijn Henriquez

The São Pedro do Estoril, Portugal Surf Reef Project

Modelling with Swan the Wave Spectrum Surfing Quality at the São Pedro Do Estoril Surf Reef
N. Cardoso, P. Bicudo and C. J. Fortes

São Pedro Do Estoril Surf Reef, Preliminary Study of the Reef Design
P. Bicudo and N. Cardoso

Surfing and the Socio-Economic Factors for the Environmental Assessment of Costal Projects – A Portuguese Case Study
A. Horta and P. Bicudo

Case Studies

Establishing and Mitigating Development Impacts on the Adjacent Coral Reef Communities on Recently Reclaimed Land in the
Seychelles: A Case Study.
Rhys Giljam, Ed Crowley and Kylie Porter

Coastal Vulnerability: What will be the Impact of Increasing Frequency And Intensity of Coastal Storms Along The South African Coast?
Lisa A. Guastella and Marius Rossouw

Coastal Erosion: Reparative Work on the Ballito Coastline Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa, Was it Enough?
A.M Smith and S.C. Bundy

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REEF Journal 2009
Editor: DJ Phillips
Volume 1: No. 1 2009
Sub-Editors: K. Black,
J. Borrero
ISSN No. 1176-7812